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Explore the Caves of Can Marça in the harbour of San Miguel which are over 100.000 years old. 
Duration: 4-5 hours.

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    They were discovered by smugglers and used to store the contraband which had to be lugged up 8-10 metres from the sea to the entrance of the caves. Still now painted signs are visible showing you the escape route.

    Excellent views of the bay from the entrance of the cave with aperitif.

    More information

    • Duration of the cave visit approx. 45 minutes.
    • The access to the entrance of the cave is via a path with staircases which makes it recommendable to wear comfortable shoes.
    • Viajes Al Sabini reserves the right to change the itineraries in case of unforeseen events (adverse weather conditions, emergencies during the excursion, etc..). 
    • Viajes Al Sabini disclaims responsibility for the number of stalls open at any particular time. (stall holder’s personal reasons, weather, etc…)  

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